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Are you seeking to add a touch of uniqueness and unforgettable charm to your upcoming event? Look no further! We proudly present our exceptional coffee, drinks, dessert and croffle catering services, designed to make your special occasion truly remarkable. 

Here's a variety of selections to choose from:

Coffee / Signature Coffee / Cold Brewed Tea / 

Tea Mocktail / Soda Mocktail / Matcha & Others / 
Pastries / Mini Cakes / Croffle


If you have any special enquiries or requirements, please do not hesitate to send us a text. We're always here for you and will try

our best to meet your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Coffee & Croffle Delights

Indulge your guests in an exciting journey of flavors with our delicious coffee and croffle creations. Our skilled baristas craft the finest coffee, which are complemented by our mouth-watering croffles. From classic flavors to innovative twists, our menu offers a range that caters to every taste.

Customized Cart & Cat Van

Imagine the scene: a cute and charming designed cart or  cat van, set up at your event, serving as both a focal point and conversation starter. Our eye-catching setups not only provide delicious treats but also serve as Instagram-worthy backdrop, ensuring that your event will be

the talk of the town.

Feline Friends Welcome

For the ultimate touch of paw-someness, we offer the option to have our friendly feline companions join your event, provided the venue permits. Just imagine the smiles and laughter as your guests enjoy their coffee and croffles in the company of our adorable cats!

Coffee Packages

Our packages starts at a minimum of 50 cups and displayed price includes installation fees, transportation fees and manpower per day. *Some locations may have extra charges.

Below 100 Cups

101 - 200 Cups

201 - 300 Cups

301 - 400 Cups

401 - 500 Cups

500 Cups And Above

RM13 / Cup 

RM12 / Cup 

RM11.5 / Cup 

RM11 / Cup 

RM10.5 / Cup 

RM10 / Cup 


"Whether it's a corporate gathering,
a wedding celebration, a birthday
bash, or any other event that calls
for a dash of magic, our coffee and
croffle catering services are tailored
to exceed your expectations."

With keen attention to detail and a commitment to ensuring your event's success, our team is dedicated to making your vision come to life.

Contact us today and let's work together to create your purr-fect event.


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